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Diet Plan for Healthy Heart

Diet is the primary factor that correlates with the health of the human body directly or indirectly.  Consuming proper nutritious food is a pre requisite for anybody irrespective of age and gender. Food plays an important role in maintaining the energy levels and improves the immunity power in the body. Health is the major factor for happiness for any individual either young or old. If all the parts of human body are functioning in perfect condition, then only the individual has high energy levels and can lead a life with great strength.

People should always be cautious about their diet to avoid health complications in future.  They should take nutritious and protein rich food to keep fit and fine. Among all the parts of the human body, heart is the main organ that needs special care and concern. It is must that people should eat quality and low calorie food to have a healthy body and keep safe on heart.

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Atypical Symptoms of Heart Problems

1. Chest Discomfort:

The major symptom for heart attack is feeling pain in chest. If there is chest discomfort and pain, it could root the problem towards a heart attack. But not all heart attacks showcases chest pain, but merely a chest pain can be a rooting cause for heart attack.

2. Back Pain:

As the heart is in front, people always mistake that only a front pain can lead to a heart attack, even a back pain can be a symptom and a cause for heart attack. Since the heart is surrounded by lungs, an artery is connected to the back. In case the blood is blocked in that particular artery, it may cause pain in your back and ultimately lead to a heart attack. It is very important for anyone to be aware of the atypical symptom that can cause heart attack.

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Heart Care Event at Kaivalyadham

Dr Pratiksha G Gandhi, MBBS, MD, India’s first Woman Preventive Cardiologist in Mumbai has enlightened people in an event held at Kaivalyadham. She addressed people about the various preventive measures to avoid cardiac problems and also the importance of life style management, diet control, yoga and meditation. She stresses the need for being preventive to avoid bypass surgeries and angioplasty and how EECP treatment helps a patient in proactive way. The event took place on 23rd Jan 2012 and was a simple commitment towards serving the humanity and letting people know the ill effects of cardiac problems and how one should take precautions to avoid heart attacks and cardiac diseases.

Mother Teresa Award

Dr. Pratiksha G Gandhi received "Mother Teresa Award"

Dr. Pratiksha G Gandhi, MBBS, MD, India’s first Woman Preventive Cardiologist, Founder & Chairperson of IPC Heart Care Centre has received "Mother Teresa Award" for her excellence in Non-Invasive Cardiac Treatment.  The event was organized by Awami Rai weekly news paper on 8th March 2012. She is a multi - faceted young Preventive Cardiologist of Mumbai specialized in offering Non-Invasive Treatment for Heart patients like EECP. IPC India strives to enlighten heart patients regarding the importance of preventive measures to avoid heart diseases, bypass surgeries and angioplasty.  

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Exercise Tips for Heart patients

Stay fit and fine/hale and healthy with regular exercise.

Note: Any exercise chosen by heart patients needs to be strictly followed under a supervision of physician. Following are few Generic suggestions.

Exercise is the most important aspect of life for staying healthy and being active for all human being irrespective of age and gender. It helps and improves the functioning of the whole body in a much better way. The activity of exercise enhances the fitness of the body physically and mentally. If you have observed heart patients, most of them are advised to do exercise to overcome the risk of heart attacks or cardiac arrest further. One should not forget that heart patients are only eligible to do some particular exercises and not all are applicable and advisable for them.

There are different types of exercises for Heart Patients to follow:

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