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Case Study 2 : Mrs. Chayya

Mrs. Chayya (name changed) is a very independent successful entrepreneur who started Garment factory 20 years back and went through the Superwoman syndrome of bringing up two kids, managing house, husband, in-laws and social commitments.  Now she is not able to walk for even two minutes recently.

She gets chest pain even on slightest exertion. She underwent Angioplasty in 2007 and after which she also underwent Breast cancer operation in 2008. During the operation, the surgeons had asked her to stop the blood thinning medicine. Again in 2009 when she got chest pain she was advised angiography followed by Bypass surgery. She was told that the blood thinning medicine should have been restarted after the breast cancer surgery.

Mrs. Chayya was totally unaware as she was regularly following up with the doctors and she was not informed about this.  Since she was in no mental capacity to undergo invasive procedure, at IPC she was given another option of non-invasive CT coronary scan which revealed that there were new blockages in her stents which were causing her acute chest pain.

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Case Study: Mrs.Patel

" I feel breathless even on slightest exertion, before angioplasty I was much better, but with 3 angiographies and two angioplasties in just two years, I am simply fed up with life" sighed Mrs.Patel who had specially come from Baroda to consult at IPC Heart Care Centre in Mumbai.

The family members of Mrs.Patel were very apprehensive and narrated the history. It was observed that two years before she had slight chest pain on walking, which used to disappear by stopping for a minute. On doing a health check up, stress test was positive and she was advised angiography followed by angioplasty. However within two she started having problems again so another angiography and angioplasty was done.
As she was getting more and more breathless on slightest exertion again angiography was done which showed reblockage in stent.

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The Lack of General public awareness about the extent of heart diseases

As a preventive cardiologist, what really bothers me is the growing incidence of heart ailments across the country, especially in a megacity like Mumbai.

With 60% of the world’s heart patients, India will soon become the heart disease capital of India. And unfortunately, this deadly disease is no longer the bane of old age alone. It is spreading rapidly among the youth and even teenagers.

Most heart patients are likely to be between 15 and 69 years of age. But what worries me even more is people’s lackadaisical attitude towards their own well being. In spite of knowing their deadly effects, even educated people continue with a harmful lifestyle, eating habits and use of stimulants like tobacco.

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Heart disease in Indian Women

Heart disease - The Greatest Killer of women in India

If you think that deaths among Indian women are mostly related to pregnancy and breast cancer, here’s a shocker. It is heart disease which is turning out be the greatest killer of women in India. In fact, cardiovascular disease is claiming more female lives in India than cancer, AIDS and malaria put together! While 53.1 per cent all heart disease related deaths across the world are of women, the mortality rate among Indian women is far higher compared to that among Whites, Blacks and Latinos. “The statistics are alarming. Women are more likely to die of heart disease as the portion of the affected heart muscle is likely to be greater in women.

And just like in Indian men, heart disease is spreading rapidly among young women between 30-35 years of age,” says Dr. Pratiksha, India’s first woman preventive cardiologist, who has successfully treated hundreds of heart patients at her IPC Heart Care Center in Mumbai.

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The rebirth of a heart patient

One morning, 60-year-old Faisal Khan felt excruciating pain in his chest. He noticed that he was also sweating profusely. But all he did was to casually ask his family doctor to come for a check-up. Faisal was surprised when the family doctor told him to rush to a hospital instantly. At the hospital, the doctors told him that he had had a massive heart attack. Very calmly, they also told him that he was on the verge of death! Before his stunned family could recover from the shock, Faisal was admitted to the ICU. Despite being told that the triple vessel blockage he had could turn fatal anytime, Faisal refused to get a surgery done.

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