Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

The Institute of Preventive Cardiology (IPC) Heart Care Center’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is a customized and guided programme including education, exercise, nutritional advice and stress management counselling. The goal of cardiac rehabilitation is to help you regain your strength, to prevent your condition from worsening, to reduce your risk of future heart problems, and to help you lead a better quality of life.

Each patient is assigned an entire Cardiac Rehabilitation team, which includes.

Each of IPC’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Centers in Mumbai comprises of highly trained and experienced professionals.

  • An MD Physician
  • A Cardiologist
  • A Cardiac Rehabilitation Therapist
  • A Stress Counsellor
  • A Nutritionist
  • A Yoga Instructor

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme starts with a medical evaluation, and includes a guided exercise programme, yoga and meditation instruction sessions, stress management counselling and nutritional advice.

Medical Evaluation

Cardiac Rehabilitation starts with a complete Medical Evaluation to determine the level of Physical Activity appropriate for the individual patient’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. A thorough medical evaluation is first carried out by the MD – Medical Doctor. Investigations like TMT and 2D Echo are carried out in order to assess physical abilities, medical limitations and other conditions you may have. Your team explores what risk factors you may have for cardiovascular diseases. All of the investigations and questions your Cardiac Rehabilitation Team have for you, help them tailor a cardiac rehabilitation program that is safe and effective for you.

Determination of Physical Activity Thresholds

Based on the medical evaluation, your assigned Rehabilitation Therapist will design an exercise protocol that is perfect for your current health conditions, risks and ideal goals. First you will be risk stratified, then your target heart rate (THR) will be set. THR is set keeping in mind optimum intensity as well as safety for you. Slowly, your cardiovascular fitness is improved through walking, cycling and other endurance activities. You may also do strength training to increase your muscular fitness. Don’t worry even if you have never exercised before – your cardiac rehabilitation team will make sure the program moves at a pace you are comfortable with.

Who is eligible to join IPC's Cardiac Rehabilitation Program?

  • Patients who have suffered a Heart Attack *
  • Patients who have been through an Angioplasty*
  • Patients who have been through Bypass Surgery *
  • Patients who have suffered from Cardiac Arrest / Heart Failure in the past*
  • Patients whose Angiography shows blockages*
  • Patients who have undergone Heart Valve Replacement*
  • Patients with Stable Angina*
  • Patients with a Pacemaker*

Besides individual treatments and programs that you can avail of at IPC’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Centers, IPC also holds Corporate Wellness Programs. These include lectures, seminars and interactive educational workshops on topics like preventive cardiology, reversal of hypertension / high blood pressure, reversal of diabetes and holistic wellness programs for small and large corporate bodies.