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Mr. Satish Karekar

"Dr. Pratiksha is outstanding example of Caring Cardiologist with Sound Professionalism. She has treated thousands of patients with cardiac related problems . Her approach is holistic with medication , life style changes and diet moderation thus avoiding costly and traumatic surgeries and invasive procedures.

She has now thousands of grateful patients and well established professional Entrepreneurship model. We are sure her ‘curing hand’ will benefit thousands of patients

We wish her all the best !"

Umesh Mistry - Heart Care Patient Testimonial

I am a teacher of classical singing and have Business of fabrication.I have a problem of High blood pressure, High cholesterol, Chest pain, chocking sensation in throat & jaw pain on walking for 5-10 min. I unable to sing a single song continuously. Angiography done had double vessel disease (LAD = 100% & ramus had 60% stenosis). I am advised to do bypass surgery.

I joined IPC Heart Centre and started treatment there.I achieve tremendous results. Now I walk everyday 4 kms in 1 hour, no chest pain. Everyday for 2 hours, I give training of singing to my students.The result of stress test is also normal with excellent performance. Thanks to IPC, I am living a confident and normal life.

Sonu Parab - Heart Care Patient Testimonial

Mr. Sonu Parab a Sub Officer and Fire fighter. I suffered heart blockages LAD 90%, RCX 99%, also I had told by doctors that due to the Diabetic Nephropathy you are at high risk for the surgery. I Also used to consume 4 to 6 sorbitrate per day and unable to walk for 5 min, without chest pain. So I came to IPC and I had advised to do EECP and Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. After completion of treatment I feel tremendous improvement in my health.

“Thanks to EECP Cardiac Rehabilitation Non-surgical Treatment.Now I can walk for 45 min, without chest pain, have zero down my Sorbitrate consumption and I am back to my fire fighting job.”

Mr. Virji Dedhia - Heart Care Patient Testimonial

Mr. Virji  Dedhia  a businessman from Thane.I Suffered Heart Attack, Chest pain on walking for 5 min, Tiredness on slight walking. So I done stress test, there is also a poor performance. Angiography had  Double vessel disease (LAD = 80%, RCA = 40%, blocked).I was advised to do immediate angioplasty.

I opted for IPC’s non-surgical treatment.I Immensely benefited, no chest pain, no tiredness, excellent performance on TMT. Now I walk everyday for 1 hour and manage my  business actively very well.

Balasaheb Khollam - Heart Care Patient Testimonial

Mr. Balasaheb Khollam a Professor of Chemistry at Gyansadhna College, Thane.I Suffered from two Heart Attacks (in 2002 and 2004) and Angiography (Nov.04) had triple vessel disease.(RCA = 90-95%, LCX = 80% and LAD = 90% blocked).I was advised to do immediate Coronary Bypass Surgery.

I regred to do that and opted for IPC’s non-surgical treatment.After 3 months of treatment at IPC I have done Angiography which shows reduced blockages in all arteries.

"Thanks to IPC, you have given me new lifestyle and outlook. I can walk for 45 min. everyday without any chest pain. I am really indebted for what Dr. Pratiksha & IPC had done for reversal of my blockages”


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