Diabetes Reversal Program

Diabetes Reversal Program

If you want to know how to control or even reverse diabetes naturally, you have come to the right place! However, diabetes is one condition where you likely also do need a little help from Allopathic diabetes medication or insulin. Especially in the case of Type-1 Diabetes and high uncontrolled blood sugar in Type-2 Diabetes. Because of the dangerous complications of diabetes, one of the first things we may do is put you on medication. But, our similarity with other doctors, endocrinologists and diabetes centers ends there! – IPC Heart Care takes an active participation in your diabetes management, helping you at every step with diet, exercise, monitoring your health, etc. While IPC joins hands with you in sharing responsibility for your health, we teach you and motivate you to become accountable for your own health. We set out clearly defined goals right at the onset, which are realistic and tailored for your specific issues, and explain what needs to be done to achieve these goals.

Aim of IPC’s Diabetes Reversal Program

The main aim of IPC’s Diabetes Reversal Program is to:

  • Bring your sugar levels under control as quickly as possible and for the long term
  • Prevent complications that result from diabetes
  • Correct conditions associated with diabetes like blockages in the blood vessels, poor blood circulation and diabetic ulcers
  • Help diabetics to slowly reduce the need for high doses of insulin and diabetes medication
  • Prevent people who are pre-diabetic from developing diabetes, naturally and without medication
  • Help diabetes patients to adopt a better lifestyle and improve the quality of their lives.

     In a nutshell, the components of the diabetes reversal program include:

  • Individual assessment
  • Acute complications of diabetes prevention strategies
  • Goals for healthy eating
  • Basics of control: meal planning, exercise, medication and standards of care
  • Review of chronic complications resulting from uncontrolled diabetes