Weight Management

Weight Loss Program

There are also instances when physicians only refer patients to us for loss of weight. This is not because we are a clinic for rapid weight loss, but because they know that our weight loss program is performed clinically and under the strictest medical supervision, and so our weight loss programs work.

First, when people have problems such as diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc., due to the risks to their health, the highest standard of treatment is required in chalking out their diets and exercise plans for weight loss. And secondly, there is a lot of abdominal weight in these individuals, which appears to go with these conditions.

Abdominal weight boosts the risk of heart attacks and so on. This needs to be treated in a medically sound manner, and not with the countless crunches that many exercise trainers regularly recommend to 

one and all under the pretext of “spot reduction”! An efficient weight loss program that will work is crucial to implement, since losing weight is necessary for proper recovery.

Weight control goes hand-in-hand with heart disease rehabilitation. We have seen how patients with IPC on Arterial Clearance Therapy (ACT) / Chelation Therapy and also on EECP (Enhanced External Counter Pulsation) therapy who stood steadfast with us not only lost weight successfully on their weight loss plans but recovered from their ailments magnificently. So many people never need cholesterol medicine, etc., ever again! It is not as complicated as you think to have good weight control and maintain a healthy weight.

Anyone who goes in for weight loss fast fixes can just witness the yo-yo effect and the weight will come back on just as easily. In a safe way, you should be more concerned with weight control. It’s not any better to measure yourself many times a day than if you were to go to your kitchen and measure your onions and potatoes every day!! The IPC has a safe and balanced weight loss approach. In the most scientific way, we approach any element of weight loss, and the numbers immediately decrease. We’re not preventing you from enjoying anything that you love to eat. Strict laws do not exist. For you, we sit down and let you know how much you should bend the rules and how much you shouldn’t. The program as a whole is very practical.

What Does IPC’s Healthy Weight Management Program/ Weight Loss Program Involve?

The healthy weight control program of IPC is very unique to individual needs since most of the patients who are referred to us or come to us usually have certain health concerns. A medical assessment, workout preparation and guided exercise program, dietary guidance & diet preparation, and yoga for weight loss are typically included in the weight loss program/weight management program.

Medical Evaluation

A comprehensive medical assessment is performed. Before designing a weight-loss program, the state of the heart and overall fitness levels have to be determined. Weight control is typically an intrinsic part of the program for patients undergoing Chelation Therapy and / or EECP therapy. Patients who are too old, weak, vulnerable, or with harmful medical conditions, for whom exercise would be counter-indicated, would be the only exception.

Exercise Planning and Guided Exercise Program

Exercising is the best way to lose weight. We should not drive heart patients beyond their standards of comfort, and all exercise is performed under continuous guidance and medical monitoring of vital signs, etc. We can not emphasize enough, however, that exercise, especially cardio-vascular exercise, leads to weight loss, decreased cholesterol levels, circulation improvements, decreased blood pressure levels, decreased blood sugar levels, etc.

Nutritional Advice and Diet Planning

Our specialist dieticians will provide you with diet and nutrition recommendations according to your needs and ideal goals for weight loss. In order to achieve rapid weight loss, diet and exercise should go hand-in-hand and also for successful weight control, as this tips the balance in favor of output on the calorie input-output ratio. The general rule of thumb is to consume small, regular meals and have as much fresh food as possible in the diet and to avoid unhealthy fats.

Yoga for Weight Loss

Our Yoga instructors guide you through yoga asanas / postures that will help you lose weight, manage your weight, and target health issues like cholesterol, etc.

Rapid Weight Loss Program

When individuals are what is considered “morbidly obese,” rapid weight loss is inevitable. In order to achieve dramatic and rapid weight loss, surgeries such as “gastric bypass surgery” and other bariatric (weight loss surgeries) are also recommended for these individuals. IPC’s primary priority is preventive heart care. Helping people avoid some form of surgery, however, is the passion of IPC if there is an option that comes under its purview! Clearly, individuals that doctors say are “morbidly obese” already have a lot of problems that interfere with their ability to exercise, etc. Very frequently, therapies such as Arterial Clearance Therapy (Chelation Therapy) and/or EECP (Enhanced External Counter Pulsation) treatment have been shown to help clear the arteries, lower cholesterol, boost circulation, etc., and the person is able to start exercising and lose weight naturally.

For more information on the best ways to lose weight for your specific body needs, feel free to contact us. Here’s to a healthy weight for you!

Weight Management clinic in Mumbai

At our Weight Management clinic in Mumbai, our nutritionists develop food plans that focus not only on weight loss, but also on good health. No severe or fad diets that compromise on an individual’s overall health are given. All the food groups or vital nutrients that form the foundation of our weight loss programmes are included. Since a large part of our social life today revolves around dining out at restaurants, our team of nutritionists at weight management professionals in Mumbai have established restaurant recommendations for multiple cuisines. This helps an individual either at a business lunch, big fat Indian family wedding or at social events to make smart eating choices.