Dr Pratiksha Gandhi, MD is a Global Healthcare Leader, Serial Entrepreneur, Preventive Cardiologist, Author, Speaker, Researcher, with a mission to eradicate cardiovascular disease by preventing heart attacks & reversing heart disease using non–invasive cost effective treatments.

She is India’s First Woman Preventive Cardiologist & founder of IPC (Institute of Preventive Cardiology), founded in 1999, in Mumbai. She pioneered the concept of Preventive & Non-Invasive Cardiology for which her work was applauded by late President Dr Kalam. She was awarded by Finance Minister as the Best Woman Entrepreneur in 2006, making her India’s First Woman Doctor to have received this honor. IPC is India’s pioneering evidence based chain of Preventive Cardiac Care & she is also the founder member of EECP expert committee in India in association with International EECP registry at Pittsburgh, USA.

Under her leadership, IPC centers have treated over 50,000 cases which also involve international patients, with a 95% success rate. She has been a business consultant to various health care start-ups & has successful expanded businesses globally having launched new and innovative products & devices in the preventive healthcare industry. She has worked with several international firms & has set up their distribution channels in foreign markets. She is a renowned international speaker & award winning author, published 1000s’ of articles, created several health shows on TV channels & spread her message of heart care prevention to millions of people globally. In 2016, the International Association of Cardiologists, New York, USA recognized her as The Leading Physician of the World .Recently awarded with Top 50 global woman healthcare leader in March 2017.