About us

Why 100,000+ people have trusted their heart with us.

About Us

Dr. Pratiksha G Gandhi, a multi – faceted young Preventive Cardiologist of Mumbai, is variously described as a missionary in preventive heart care, a chelation expert, EECP Therapist and an activist supporting the movement for non-invasive cardiac treatment. After completing her MBBS from G.S. Medical College, KEM Hospital, Mumbai, she pursued with a M.D. degree from Mumbai University. She is a Gold medallist in Public Health from the college of Physicians and Surgeons, and also stood first with distinction in Diploma in Hospital Administration.

ECP Enhanced External Counter Pulsation Therapy was first introduced in Maharashtra and now IPC is having maximum EECP machines in India fromVasoMeditech, New York USA where she is formally trained as EECP Therapist.

IPC is India’s largest chain of preventive and non-surgical cardiac care and also founder member of EECP expert committee in India which is in association with International EECP registry at Pittsburgh, USA. She is acclaimed as pioneer of EECP treatment in India with a documented success rate of over 95% in over 5000 cases.

She has been formally trained in Chelation Therapy from Arterial Disease Clinic in London and Manchester. She is also a founder member of International Academy of Cardiovascular Cartography which is conducting extensive research on diagnostic tests in non-invasive cardiology. An active member of American college of Advancement of Medicine and American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

An accomplished and Certified Yoga Teacher, she firmly believes that ancient Indian medical practices are very much relevant to the modern world.She has also completed a course in Naturopathy,Magnetotherapy, Acupressure and firmly believes that no pathy is important, a modern day doctor should adopt holistic approach to treat patients.She is the Founder and Chairperson of IPC Heart Care Center, which has got four branches.

To address growing concern of the silent epidemic, which is afflicting millions, she has started an NGO ‘Institute of Preventive Cardiology Foundation’ which has launched a nation wide program to prevent and reverse heart disease. An excellent orator, she has been an invitee speaker at a number of seminars and symposiums of medical practitioners worldwide. She was a Chairperson in Preventive Cardiology session in the World Congress on Interventional Cardiology, held in Mumbai.. She has been invited by various corporates and social organizations to conduct preventive cardiology programs through which she has educated over fifty thousand individuals.

She is popular through her various TV programs and over three hundred publications in the various leading newspapers and magazines where her message has reached over millions of people. Her mission is to reach each and every home and create a Good Heart Ambassador in every home who will ensure heart disease is prevented so that WHO statistics of every fourth Indian succumbing to heart disease by the year 2015 will be just statistics and not a reality.

Our Story

IPC Heart Care Centre

IPC Heart Care Centre was formed by Dr Pratiksha G Gandhi with an objective of “Preventing Heart Attacks”. Dr.Pratiksha is India’s first woman Preventive Cardiologist. IPC Heart Care Centre is a global pioneer in the field of Preventive Cardiology having done path breaking work in the field of Non-Surgical Treatments to treat Heart Ailments with centers in India and USA.

The mission of IPC is preventing Heart attacks reversing heart disease, through continuous education, early detection and provide alternative non invasive holistic treatment affordable by all and there by reducing the incidence of Coronary Artery Disease and Prevention of Premature deaths and disability.

IPC Foundation


Our mission is to awaken each and every fellow Indian from the ignorance of heart disease, educate them on prevention and early detection of heart disease and inform them about cost effective, non-surgical cardiac treatments.

Institute of Preventive Cardiology Foundation which has been established since last ten years is a registered charitable trust with a aim of providing preventive and non-invasive cost effective cardiac care to economically weaker sections of the society.

90% of the patients who have been advised bypass surgery and angioplasty cannot even afford the treatment in Municipal hospitals forget private hospitals as the minimum cost is from 70,000/- onwards.

At IPC we provide cost effective non-surgical cardiac treatments to heart patients who cannot even afford municipal hospitals. Indirectly we are doing work what government agencies should have done. We have successfully treated more than 5000 critical heart patients with more than 90 – 100% blockages when they were advised immediate bypass surgeries by their cardiologist. These case studies can be seen on our website www.ipcheartcentre.com

Dr. Pratiksha G Gandhi (MBBS, MD) India’s first woman Preventive Cardiologist is the Founder of the IPC Foundation. After graduating from KEM Hospital and completing her post graduate studies with Gold Medal and distinction she dedicated herself for the mission of saving our country from the dreaded clutches of life threatening heart diseases.

You can support us by:

  • Donating funds to promote the activities.
  • Donating your professional service or funding a single or multiple activities.
  • Supporting a treatment for a poor patient (Even contribution of Rs. 5000 will help us to treathim.)
  • Donating any valuable goods which can be sold or auctioned.
  • Donating your time and work to spread the awareness on prevention.
  • Joining IPC Healthy Heart Association.
  • Organizing the sale of our Book ‘Bypassing Bypass Surgery’.(All the sale proceeds of this goes to our funds).
  • By providing your expertise to us as a Doctor, Chartered Accountant, Advocate, Writer, Director, Sportsman.(to support activities & organize fund          raising events).