Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

The Heart Care Center’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at the Institute of Preventive Cardiology (IPC) is a personalised and driven programme that involves education, exercise, dietary guidance and therapy for stress management. The aim of cardiac rehabilitation is to help you recover strength, to avoid worsening your condition, to decrease your risk of potential heart attacks, and to help you lead a better quality of life.

Each patient is assigned an entire Cardiac Rehabilitation team, which includes.

Each of Mumbai’s IPC Cardiac Rehabilitation Centers consists of highly trained and skilled practitioners. 
  • A Physician’s MD
  • A cardiologist
  • A Therapist for Heart Rehabilitation
  • A Counselor for Stress
  • A Dietitian
  • An Instructor in Yoga

The Program begins with a medical assessment and involves a guided program of exercise, instructional sessions for yoga and meditation, therapy for stress control, and dietary guidance.

Medical Evaluation

Cardiac Rehabilitation begins with a complete medical assessment to assess the physical activity level suitable for the rehabilitation program of a particular patient. The MD-Medical Doctor first conducts a comprehensive medical examination. In order to determine physical capabilities, medical disabilities, and other conditions you may have, tests such as TMT and 2D Echo are conducted. Your team investigates what risk factors for cardiovascular disorders you might have. All the research and concerns that your Cardiac Rehabilitation Team has for you help them customize a secure and successful cardiac rehabilitation program for you.

Determination of Physical Activity Thresholds

Your appointed Rehabilitation Trainer will develop an exercise regimen based on the medical assessment that is perfect for your current health problems, threats, and ideal goals. You will be stratified first by risk, then your target heart rate (THR) will be set. THR is set to keep the optimal strength and protection in mind. Slowly, by walking, cycling, and other endurance sports, your cardiovascular fitness is enhanced. To improve your muscle fitness, you can also do strength training. Don’t worry, the cardiac rehabilitation team will make sure the program runs at a rate you are comfortable with, even though you have never exercised before.

Who is eligible to join IPC's Cardiac Rehabilitation Program?

  • Patients who have had a heart attack *
  • Patients who have undergone Angioplasty *
  • Patients who underwent Bypass Surgery *
  • Patients who have previously undergone cardiac arrest/heart failure *
  • Patients whose blockages are seen by angiography *
  • Patients that have undergone the replacement of heart valves *
  • Patients with Angina Stable *
  • Patients who have a Pacemaker *

IPC also holds a Corporate Wellness Program, in addition to individual therapies and services that you can access at IPC’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Centers. They include lectures, seminars, and immersive training workshops on subjects such as preventive cardiology, hypertension / high blood pressure reversal, diabetes reversal, and small and large corporate holistic wellness initiatives.