Weight Management

Weight Management / WeightLoss Program

There are many times when doctors refer patients to us only for weight loss. This is not because we are a rapid weight loss clinic, but because they know that our weight loss program is carried out scientifically, and under the strictest medical supervision, and therefore, our weight loss programs work.

When people have complications like diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc, firstly, the highest level of care is needed in chalking out their diets and exercise programs for weight loss, because of the risks to their health. And, secondly, these people have a lot of abdominal weight, which tends to go with these conditions.

Abdominal weight increases risk of heart attacks, etc. This has to be tackled in a medically sound manner, and not with the endless crunches routinely prescribed to 

one and all by many fitness trainers under the guise of “spot reduction”! It is important to adopt an effective weight loss program that will work, because losing weight is essential to proper recovery.

Weight management goes hand-in-hand with recovery from heart disease. We have seen how IPC patients on Arterial Clearance Therapy (ACT) / Chelation Therapy and also on EECP (Enhanced External Counter Pulsation) Therapy who stood steadfast with us on their weight management programs not only lost weight effectively, but recovered magnificently from their ailments. So many never need medication for cholesterol, etc, ever again! Effective weight management and maintaining a healthy weight is not as difficult as you think.

Anyone who goes in for quick fixes for weight loss, will only witness the yo-yo effect and the weight will come back on just as quickly. You should be more concerned with weight management in a healthy way. Weighing yourself several times a day is not any more healthy than if you were to go to your kitchen and weigh your onions and potatoes every day!! IPC has a healthy and holistic approach to weightloss. We tackle every aspect of weight loss in the most scientific way, and the numbers reduce automatically. We do not stop you from eating everything that you love to eat. There are no strict rules. We sit down with you and make you understand how much you can bend the rules and how much you should not. The whole program is very realistic.

What Does IPC’s Healthy Weight Management Program/ Weight Loss Program Involve?

Because most of the patients who are referred to us or come to us usually have some health issues, IPC’s healthy weight management programme is very specific to individual needs. The weightloss program / weight management programme usually covers a Medical Evaluation, Exercise Planning and Guided Exercise Program, Nutritional Advice & Diet Planning and Yoga for Weight Loss.

Medical Evaluation

A detailed medical evaluation is carried out.  The condition of the heart and overall fitness levels have to be determined before planning a weight-loss program. For patients who are undertaking Chelation Therapy and / or EECP therapy, weight management is usually an inherent part of the program. The only exception would be patients who are too old, weak, frail or with dangerous medical complications, for whom exercise would be counter-indicated.

Exercise Planning and Guided Exercise Program

The best way to lose weight is to exercise. We do not push heart patients beyond their comfort levels, and all exercise is carried out under constant guidance and medical supervision of vital signs, etc. However, we cannot emphasize enough that exercise, especially cardio-vascular exercise, leads to weight loss, lowered cholesterol levels, improvement in circulation, lowered blood pressure levels, lowered blood sugar levels, etc.

Nutritional Advice and Diet Planning

Our expert dieticians will give you advice on diet and nutrition as per your needs and ideal weight loss goals. Diet and exercise should go hand-in-hand for achieving rapid weight loss, and also for effective weight management, because this tips the scale in favour of output on the calorie input-output ratio. The general rule of thumb is to eat small frequent meals and include as much of natural food in the diet as possible and exclude unhealthy fats.

Yoga for Weight Loss

Our Yoga instructors guide you through yoga asanas / postures that will help you lose weight, manage your weight, and target health issues like cholesterol, etc.

Rapid Weight Loss Program

When people are what is referred to as “morbidly obese”, rapid weight loss becomes imminent. Such people are often recommended surgeries like “gastric bypass surgery”, and other Bariatric (weight loss surgeries) surgeries to achieve drastic and immediate weight loss. Preventive Heart Care is IPC’s main focus. However, helping people prevent any kind of surgery if there is an alternative that falls under its purview, is IPC’s passion! Obviously, people whom doctors say are “morbidly obese” already have a lot of complications that get in the way of their ability to exercise, etc. Very often, we have found that offering treatments like Arterial Clearance Therapy (Chelation Therapy) and/ or EECP (Enhanced External Counter Pulsation) Treatment helps clear out the arteries, lower cholesterol, improve circulation, etc, and the person is able to start exercising and naturally losing weight.


For more information on the best ways to lose weight for your specific body needs, feel free to contact us. Here’s to a healthy weight for you!