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Emotional Stress Management

Stress is the main cause for increasing blood pressures, heart rate and sugar levels and the most important cause for heart attack. IPC Heart Care is the pioneer in providing non invasive treatments like EECP and preventing people from undergoing bypass surgeries and angioplasty with almost 90% success rate.  In Heart patients, there is a remarkable factor of emotional stress. In more clear terms they are emotionally very sensitive and specifically feel depressed of certain situations quickly or can’t express it to any other person. By doing so they pileup their emotions in mind and create a home for unnecessary diseases in the body.

Emotional stress is the main factor for creating health related problems mainly High blood pressure,Diabetes,Cardiac problems,  Strokes and Paralysis.

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Marital Stress Management

Marital stress is not only related to the conflicts between a husband and wife, it can also be stress related to the problems of unmarried people. Likewise At IPC Heart Care, we had a patient with cardiac disease, who had frequent health problems though he followed medication regularly. He was always worried about his daughter marriage as the girl has rejected more than 40 matches. The patient was facing a lot of agony related to his daughter marriage.

In many situations, people face stress related to marital affairs like relationship between husband and wife and divorce cases of married couple. On a daily routine, we come across different kinds of people facing marital stress. In the race of life, we try to dominate each other in marriage to lead life with all desired things. In course we have misunderstanding and mismatching that build-up in the marital relationship and develop stress leading to many diseases.

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Avoid Bypass Surgery - IPC Mumbai

In the article titled ‘Bypass surgery can be avoided in many cases' published in Hindu News Paper. Dr. Pratiksha G. Gandhi, Founder, Institute of Preventive Cardiology (IPC) at Mumbai has stressed the need for non-invasive treatments like EECP and the importance of low fat vegetarian diet, regular exercise, yoga and counseling for stress management as proven and preventive factors for staying healthy at heart.

She regrets the commercialization that crept into Medical field and reflects her concern for enlightening people that around 70-90 percent of heart patients with critical arteries blockage need not undergo Bypass surgeries. Dr.Pratiksha, explores her thoughts in a book titled ‘Bypassing Bypass Surgery' with her co-author Dr. Elmer Cranton of Harvard Medical School, that bypass surgery is applicable only for patients who are facing low pumping of blood and are not responding to medicine. She also highlighted the point of Dr. Braun Wald, who quoted that in chronic cases of heart disease, bypass surgery would not reduce the ailment.

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How to balance your emotions?

Emotional Stress Management

It is very important to balance emotions to keep yourselves healthy. Emotions are two types like positive emotions and negative emotions. When you are happy, Opioids hormones release in body that makes you feel the sense of fulfilment and satisfaction. Your heart rate normalizes and relaxes in peace. In the person experiencing positive emotions most of times, endocrine glands will regulate and function normally. Negative emotions like anger, worry, sadness, despair and depression affects the normal functioning of endocrine glands that leads to different heart problems. It adversely effects on digestive system, creates many acidity and gas and problems leading to cancer, heart attacks and Spondylitis.

Emotional balancing is very important in life. It is very essential to control your negative emotions like anger, greed, jealousy, anxiety, and feeling like beating others or stealing something from someone. Like we have security guard in a society to prevent unwanted visitors at house,have mental awareness guards to keep away negative emotions. Secondly its replacement of negative emotions with positive emotions. It is always that people want to remember more of  sad events than happy moments.  We at IPC, give our patients a Good Heart Dairy to maintain where they have columns to fill in the details of the stressful events in daily routine and how did they cope up and the five happy moments in day. But we hardly see people writing their happy moments. If you ask people to write about sad moments, they fill in number of pages. People are more in search of sadness than happy events. If they listen to any emotional song, they correlate their personal events in life and feel the emotions and build that stress.

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Stress Management for Heart Patients

Dr. Pratiksha G Gandhi, founder & chairperson of IPC Heart enlightens heart patients regarding the importance of stress management and how yoga and meditation helps to control it. At IPC Heart care, we offer advanced allopathic medical management. We focus on accurate diagnosis, non-invasive treatments like EECP, Life style Management programs. Whenever we talk of life style management, we should understand the need of taking proper diet, doing exercise and stress management.

Everybody experiences stress at some point of time in life, certain amount of stress is good as you need to perform best at work but excessive stress is not good for health and is harmful in long run. It releases hormones in our system which increases blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar and blood cholesterol that leads to heart problems and other diseases also.

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