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Tips to Prevent Heart Diseases

IPC Heart Care would like to enlighten heart patients regarding the importance of following preventive measures to avoid heart diseases.

Heart Disease is number one killer in World. It is very often found that everyone fears to hear the word Heart Disease. We should educate ourselves in matters of heart. Heart disease is the disease of ignorance. Nearly 80% of heart attacks are preventable. Unfortunately 70% of heart attacks come as the first symptom, it means that they were blockages in the arteries but the patients did not notice or know about it. A heart attack does not occur due to any virus or bacteria in the body nor it develops overnight but it happens because of the faulty life style one follows over a long period of time.

We can prevent heart disease. You need to take proper care and follow certain preventive measures to safeguard your heart and health. You need to have adequate rest, proper diet, and regular exercise and follow the principles of stress management.

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Diet for Heart Patients

IPC Heart Care would like to enlighten heart patients regarding the importance of diet and its role for a healthy heart.

In heart diseases, Life style management programs is utmost important and at IPC, we offer non invasive treatment like EECP for heart patients. As a part of the EECP treatment, we provide life style management that helps patients to lead a better healthy life.

We have tracked patients from 8 years, and we have observed that patients who followed life style management program along with EECP treatment of 35 sessions of one hour daily never had any regrets. The patients who have not followed life style management program, 20% of them were experiencing recurrent problems and had to go for surgical procedures for relief. The need for life style management is the most important in which dietary plans for patients plays a significant role in prevention of diseases.

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Exercise for Heart Patients

IPC Heart Care would like to enlighten heart patients regarding the importance of exercise under Medical Supervision and how it helps to control heart disease.

IPC offers Non-Invasive Treatment for Heart patients like EECP along with Life style improvement program as a part of the non invasive cardiac treatments. Exercise is an important aspect but most of the heart patients presume that it will have adverse effects on them. Mostly heart patients feel they will get chest pain or fear to get a heart attack, if they do exercise. But this is not true. “Exercise under proper medical supervision can heal your heart”. IPC has a special team of doctors who are specifically trained for providing exercises to heart patients as a part of the cardiac rehabilitation program. To get trained for Exercise under an expert medical supervision is safe for heart patients.

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Preventive Cardiology Books by Dr Pratiksha

Dr. Pratiksha G Gandhi has more than 2000 articles published in newspapers and magazines like The Times of India, Mumbai Mirror, DNA, Indian Express, Hindustan Times, The Economic Times, Maharashtra Times, Loksatta, Hitvada, Business Today, Business India, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Era, Chitralekha, Chatura, Lokprabha etc. She has also featured in all popular TV Channels like CNBC, Star TV, Zee etc

She has written six books on preventive cardiology, yoga and healthy heart diet. One of the most popular books are ‘Bypassing the Bypass Surgery’, which is co-authored by Dr. Elmer Cranton from Harvard Medical School, USA. Her book ‘Bypassla Paryay’ is also awarded by Maharshtra State Government with ‘Karmavir Bhaurao Patil’ Award.

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Heart Care with a Difference at IPC

We have often heard of the proverb ‘Prevention is better than cure’, but Dr Pratiksha G Gandhi, the first woman Preventive Cardiologist in India has taken this phrase to heart and founded the highly acclaimed Institute of Preventive Cardiology (IPC).

Dr Pratiksha G Gandhi is the Gold medalist Allopathic MD doctor from Bombay University. She did her medical graduation from the   Seth G.S. Medical College and K.E.M. Hospital.  She practices international guidelines for treating heart patients but has developed a unique concept in non-invasive cardiology where along with allopathic medicines she has combined yoga, meditation and alternative medicine to successfully treat heart patients. 15 years ago she was the first one to start the movement of Preventive Cardiology. Being a post graduation in Preventive Medicine which was an emerging field of medicine in India.

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