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Enhanced External Counterpulsation: A Non-invasive, painless therapy for Heart Patients

What is EECP Heart Treatment?

“What is EECP heart treatment?” is a question every EECP treatment centre is asked over and over again. EECP stands for Enhanced External Counter Pulsation Therapy. It is an FDA approved treatment meant for cardiac patients. EECP helps to increase the blood supply to the heart muscles by increasing the collateral network of blood vessels.

EECP is a registered trademark of Vasomedical USA.

EECP is a completely non-invasive and painless therapy. It involves no scars, cuts or wounds. It generally involves a standard 35 days of treatment. Each of the 35 treatment sessions lasts for one hour and the patient is required to undertake sessions for six days a week for six weeks.

It is very important that the patient adhere to the one-hour time schedule fixed up by the Hospital or Medical Centre. EECP is an outpatient, day-care based procedure where the patient visits the clinic for the session and leaves.

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What is Preventive Cardiology?

Preventive Cardiology aims at reducing the risk of heart-attacks and stroke, preventing the recurrence of symptoms of heart disease, reducing the incidence of plaque deposition and of blockages, and thus the requirement of surgical intervention. There are three levels of prevention- Primary, Secondary and Tertiary.

  1. Primary prevention is for pregnant woman, infants, young children and adults who do not have heart ailments. They have to focus on balanced heart healthy diet, daily physical activity and positive mind management to prevent heart problems.

  2. Secondary level of Preventive Cardiology is for all individuals who have risk factors for heart diseases such as genetic history, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, smoking and excessive stress. Annual check-ups are very important for people who fall under these risk-factor categories, so that heart ailments are diagnosed and treated early on, thus preventing heart attacks.

  3. Tertiary level of Preventive Cardiology includes a whole gamut of non-invasive cardiac treatments that focus on cardiac rehabilitation. It is aimed at treating people who already suffer from cardiac disease or people at high risk of cardiac disease with appropriate non-surgical intervention that may include diet counselling, tailored exercise programs, meditation, yoga and even non-invasive cardiac treatments like ECP (External Counter Pulsation) / EECP treatments (Enhanced External Counter Pulsation).

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Exercise for Heart Patients – Essential for Cardiac Rehabilitation

Most people know that exercise can be very effective in prevention of cardiovascular disease. But, did you know that it is also extremely beneficial for prevention of coronary heart disease complications for people who have suffered from congestive heart failure / heart attack in the past or have other heart-related ailments?

It is not uncommon for people suffering from heart disease to fear exercise – especially cardiovascular exercise. We at IPC Heart Care Centre would like to tell you that there is no need to fear exercise. In fact, exercise can help you heal your heart. However, for patients of heart disease, exercise has to be done under proper medical supervision. Patients are most often given a blanket statement like “Walk for half an hour every day.” This leaves them unsure and confused. For safety as well as optimal benefits, a case-specific cardiac rehabilitation programme must be drawn up, and proper cardiac rehabilitation guidelines must be followed.

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EECP after Bypass Surgery – for Cardiac Rehabilitation

ECP (External Counter-Pulsation) / EECP (Enhanced External Counter-Pulsation) is a non-surgical, non-invasive, non-mechanical treatment for coronary arterial disease. It is approved by the USFDA for treating patients with chest pain, and for heart failure and congestive heart failure treatment. ECP / EECP treatment works by creating a collateral circulation around blocked arteries, i.e. it essentially works to create a “natural bypass” around the arteries.

As one of the leading clinics of preventive cardiology in India, we at IPC (Institute of Preventive Cardiology) Heart Care Centre, observe that there are a few typical categories of patients who seek ECP / EECP after bypass surgery. In our experience, over 90% of these patients are tremendously benefitted from ECP / EECP therapy.

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Healthy Heart Care Tips for Women

Heart is the most important organ in the human body that needs a special care for avoiding cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks. Heart pumps blood through the blood vessels with repeated action of rhythmic contractions. In India, most of the women face heart problems at their early age of crossing 30 + years. The number of heart patients in the women category is just growing to heights.  It’s high time for people to start realizing the fact and the threats that awaits their health conditions.

According to many surveys, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in India. It is anticipated that cardiovascular diseases are expected to be increasing year by year. There are many reasons for heart problems to occur that can be controlled or even avoided by simple changes in your life style except few reasons like heredity, age and diabetes which are major risk factors. Women should follow certain precautionary measures to avoid the cardiac problems and keep safe at heart.

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